Intensive All-Day Workshops


Sometimes, you just need more than 50 or 90 minutes to cover a certain topic the right way! That’s why we created a series of Intensive All-Day Workshops.

100 MASTERING Parcel Contract Negotiations

INSTRUCTOR: Rob Martinez, President & CEO, Shipware, LLC

Get your MASTERS degree in Parcel Contract Negotiations! If you are involved in the management of parcel
pricing agreements and costs for your company, make sure you attend the PARCEL Forum’s most popular
workshop to learn the tips, tricks and tactics of professional parcel negotiators. Attendees are guaranteed
to walk away with new knowledge and strategies to produce tangible parcel contract improvements or Shipware
will refund the workshop registration cost. EXCLUSIVELY for parcel shippers only (no vendors, carriers
or consultants can participate).

200 INTERACTIVE Planning for the Future of Distribution

INSTRUCTOR: Steve Tracey, Executive Director, Center for Supply Chain Research, Smeal College of Business, Penn State

This interactive workshop will help guide you to creating a distribution network and delivery system that
responds to the new consumer now and into the future. The growth of omni-channel shopping has made the
last leg of delivery increasingly difficult for retailers to plan and manage. A major issue that companies face
is where to place inventory to meet customer delivery demands, which in turn is contingent upon delivery
options. The rapidly evolving concept of crowd sourcing is reshaping last-mile delivery options that are being
created to meet the demand. Normally, the only link in the eCommerce supply chain that touches the customer
in a face-to-face scenario, the last mile delivery can often be that critical moment of truth that represents
a company, brand and reputation. It is the last memory that the consumer has to evaluate their overall
experience with purchasing from a retailer and, in many cases, can be a key differentiator for consumers when
making a purchase. With this in mind, companies are working hard to oŽ er the best customer experiences
possible, especially by improving delivery times or options. The variety of delivery choices and the perceived
quality of the delivery services are becoming major decision-making criteria for consumers. Fortunately,
last mile delivery no longer needs to be constrained by Postal Services or the large 3rd party players who are
constrained to inflexible delivery times and locations that suit their networks but not necessarily the needs
of the customers. New business models addressing customers’ expectations and demands is changing the
competitive landscape for retailers. Join us and participate in a unique learning experience looking at the past,
present and future of on-demand delivery models that can be adopted for a competitive advantage.

300 Optimizing Your International Supply Chain

Krish Iyer
, Director, Strategic Alliances, Shipstation
Brian Broadhurst, VP Transportation Solutions, Spend Management Experts
Uwe Bald, CEO, Hermes Nextec
Brian Bourke, Vice President of Marketing, Seko Logistics

More than 70% of the world’s purchasing power is located outside of the US eCommerce is redefining not
only how companies conduct business, but is also redefining customer expectations in terms of delivery
times and improved selection. Just as in the US, the final mile can either make or break a relationship with
a customer. The US delivery market is highly concentrated with a very few players dominating the market.
Outside the US, delivery options are more fragmented. New regulations and laws, new carrier options and
emerging technologies have combined to create an environment that is ripe for eCommerce growth—but
challenging to navigate. Attend this workshop to learn emerging trends and technologies in cross border trade
and international shipping, the latest on changes to NAFTA and other laws that govern international trade and
new information on carriers, fulfillment and the last mile in international shipping and cross border trade.

400 Tours of Distribution Centers: GAP Inc.

TOUR GUIDE: Susan Rider, President, Rider & Associates

Gap Inc., founded in 1969 by Doris and Don Fisher, has grown from a single store to a global fashion business with five brands—Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Athleta and Intermix. The Company excels in eCommerce as well as its brick-and-mortar presence which has made them experts in B2B and B2C parcel processing. You will spend a day getting an inside look at their just-completed and highly automated $42 million expansion of both their eCommerce and Retail distribution centers. The Sumner County campus is Gap Inc.’s largest distribution campus, encompassing more than 2.8 million square feet. Gap Inc. is also opening its doors to a recently renovated Omni channel distribution center servicing national distribution for Banana Republic and Athleta brands. The site is running Vargo’s “COFE” software which is a wave-less single order system using a euro-sort Bombay sorter and a lighted put-wall for final sorting to the customer. The retail building is 1.2 million square feet servicing the central United States for Old Navy and is running both Cranes and Multi-Shuttles to eliminate 100% of all manual pick activity.