Learning Pods

14 Business-Focused Learning Pods


As the most critical connection between you and your customer, find out how together, you and the carriers can deliver packages more efficiently. Executives from the Big 4—USPS, FedEx, UPS and DHL eCommerce—will give you unique insight on what new services are in the works and how existing services can improve delivery performance, whether it be speed, 3PL, cost reduction or other strategies.

DC Efficiencies


Time is money! So, optimizing your order-to-ship cycle is imperative to keeping customers happy and coming back. You’ll learn how to evaluate your DC’s efficiency and then tackle the issues that are most problematic in keeping your operation lean.

Carrier 411


We live in an “instant gratification” world. Customers, both consumers and businesses, want deliveries NOW. In many cases, how fast you can deliver goods can be the deciding factor on whether to buy or not to buy. Explore how to develop a fast transit strategy, from all perspectives—transportation, DC operations and technology.

Fulfillment Strategies


Fulfillment strategies are shifting to satisfy today’s buyers. As delivery times and costs become a critical factor in your company’s bottom line, finding the right technologies and DC locations has become pivotal. While eCommerce companies are setting the trends, all fulfillment operations are being affected by these shifts in buying behavior.

Transportation Planning


In your quest to drive down costs while delivering goods faster, and with the emergence of new delivery services and companies, your transportation plan is becoming more complex. Let us simplify some of those challenges. Find out how to develop a multi-carrier strategy, incorporate regionals and LTLs into your transportation mix, use cost-effective services and compete with those big trend-setting eCommerce companies.

Data Analytics


The easy part is collecting the data. The hard part is understanding how to analyze it and put forth a plan that improves the customer experience. This Pod includes an EXCLUSIVE Live Benchmarking event!

Parcel 101


If you are new to the industry or taking on new responsibilities in your company, this Pod was designed specifically for you. Seasoned professionals will share what they wish they had known when they started out. They will delve into the most important things to know in transportation, operations, data analysis and management to give you a helping hand in starting off with a solid knowledge base—beneficial to both you and your company.



Wouldn’t it be great if you could predict rate increases before they happen? You’d be considered a “genius” in your company. How about the next best thing? Highly educated forecasts by “in-the-know” experts will shed light on what’s coming in rate and accessorial changes so you can better prepare 2018 budgets for your company and know how best to negotiate contracts.

DC Automation


Investments in the right technology and infra-structure to automate your distribution center are critical to your company’s ability to drive down costs, assure accuracy and be as efficient as possible from order entry to the dock. We tackle hot-button issues which can affect the DC environment.

Customer Experience


What do customers have to do with your operational, technology and transportation decisions? Everything. At the end of the day, it’s all about keeping your customers happy and revenues up. Understanding their behaviors will help you create a supply chain that responds to their needs and keeps your company at the forefront of their minds when they do buy.

Packaging Techniques


It’s a consumable with a very important ROI. Packaging can keep a customer or lose a customer. Packaging can deliver a product intact or damaged. Packaging can cost you more or cost you less in shipping charges. Find out how to avoid the negatives of packaging and capitalize on the positives.

Advanced Pricing


Transportation spend is more critical today than ever. Complex pricing structures in both B2C and B2B worlds have challenged the most knowledgeable transportation professionals. Step inside Drugstore.com and Essendant to find out how best to understand and collaborate with carriers.
BONUS: This Pod includes an interactive discussion by the experts.

Trend Watch


Staying on top of what is happening in the industry is important. However, knowing what is coming in the future is essential to staying competitive. In this Pod, we take you into the future of transportation, technology and the supply chain to help you start planning now to give your company a leg up on the competition tomorrow.

Capitol Hill


Change is an understatement when talking Capitol Hill and the White House today. But what has all this to do with you? As regulations change, so too will your operation. In this Pod, you will go along with a DC insider to find out just what is afoot and may affect your supply chain. You’ll also find out what are the most important regulations you need to know to help keep your company from lawsuits, fines and more.