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Roadie is the first “on the way” delivery network. Unlike traditional or on-demand delivery services, the app-based community taps into unused space in passenger vehicles already on the road and enables efficient, point-to-point delivery for Senders. The result is a faster, more efficient, and low-cost same-day delivery service for everything from cupcakes to couches. Roadie's unique, collaborative delivery model empowers local, regional, and national retailers to harness and leverage existing resources — employees, customers, and other drivers in the local community — to make same-day and next-day deliveries without sky-high prices. This flexible, variable-cost model also allows retailers to quickly flex up and down to handle surges or lulls in volume without spending billions on infrastructure and headcount.

Roadie's model fundamentally changes the economics of distributions, addresses market demand, and has the power to transform the hundred-year-old shipping industry, which has struggled to address customer demands for alternative delivery options in the hyper competitive age of Amazon.