102 – USPS: Now & Into the Future

September 19, 2017 10:00 am - 10:50 am

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Carrier 411

Learn how new approaches to parcel delivery can improve delivery effectiveness, reduce costs and improve the customer experience. Starting with analysis of shipment data, insights and opportunities can be found in nearly every shipper’s operation. We’ll explore how digging into the data can uncover those nuggets of information and how to put them into practice. You will see how the Postal Service continues to innovate to create unique customer solutions: Sunday delivery, same-day delivery, grocery delivery, workshare programs, returns, tracking data, pricing based on package size rather than weight, international services, packaging and operational integration. Learn the ways in which forward-thinking shippers are using these offerings to better their fulfillment processes.


  • How the Postal Service is adapting to serve the ever-changing needs of the parcel delivery marketplace
  • Where the Postal Service might play a role in your overall shipping strategy
  • Ideas on how to use data to uncover further opportunities
Dennis R. Nicoski