106 – How to Predict & Analyze the Impact of Carrier Accessorial Increases

September 20, 2017 9:00 am - 9:50 am

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2018 Rate Impact

As hard as it is to imagine today, once upon a time, surcharges didn’t even exist except for a few accessorials (e.g., COD, Declared Value). Today, several pages of these charges fill the carriers’ service guides and represent a significant portion of a shipper’s parcel spend. This presentation will highlight how we got to where we are today and look at where we’re heading. We will explore the pricing trend of the most common surcharges and estimate where they will be in 2018. We’ll also explain where to identify these charges in your carrier invoice and how to use this information to budget for the coming year. Finally, we’ll take out the crystal ball and see what changes the carriers might implement which don’t exist today.


  • Understand the rationale and genesis of surcharges from the carrier perspective
  • List and explain the surcharges which impact the highest percentage of shippers
  • Provide historical trends for these surcharges
  • Estimate 2018 surcharge increases
  • How to use your shipping data to budget for these increases
  • Predict the future of surcharges—changes to existing surcharges and new surcharges that don’t yet exist
James Matthews
Bryan Van Suchtelen