205 – Right Sizing Automation for Your DC

September 20, 2017 8:00 am - 8:50 am

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DC Automation

Facility space for storage, order fulfillment and shipment is at a premium. Labor required for the distribution processes within the facility is also critical and in many areas of the country, becoming more difficult to find and retain. Automation is often the answer to enhance space and labor efficiencies, but just how much automation and how do you properly size your needs? This session will provide the proven elements of identifying potential automated systems—their successes and drawbacks. Although driven by mathematical assessment (math never lies), math is not the entire deciding factor. This session will lead you to a practical approach of right sizing your distribution process and the potential acquisition of automation needed to enhance your operation.


  • How to assess current shortcomings within your distribution process
  • Understanding the varied methods and concepts to a more successful, process-efficient operation
  • Sizing the automation and systems most effective when applied to current and future process requirements
  • Identifying adequate labor levels in parallel to the automation acquired
Brent Tymensky