302 – PEER-TO-PEER Inside Bounty Hunter Wines’ TACTICAL Plan to Improve Delivery Time

September 19, 2017 10:00 am - 10:50 am

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Do you wonder how other companies can effectively offer free shipping and competitive delivery times? In the prior presentation, you learned how a retail giant is approaching this growing challenge. This presentation will provide four specific areas to improve delivery times, without breaking the bank. You will also learn first-hand how Bounty Hunter Wines, a mid-market shipper, is tackling these challenges with several creative solutions. We will delve into four areas of optimization: geographic (strategic origin points, growth with 3PL v. DCs), carrier (service selection, carrier options) technology (carrier-agnostic shipping system, conveyor/DIMS/sorts/fewer touchpoints) and operational (pre-scan, pre-sort, staging, order processing, pull times, stage shifts). As a B2B and B2C shipper, Bounty Hunter Wines will share steps they took to focus on balancing speed, cost, quality and ultimately the customer experience. Understand how they implemented a 3-day ground program, evaluated packaging and thermal requirements based on time in transit, overcame a 5% potential rate increase based on new dimensional weight practices and is addressing challenges due to the newly introduced Saturday ground delivery from UPS.


  • Identify options for optimizing shipping services based on cost and transit times
  • Choose carriers based on services, performance and cost
  • Analyze origin to destination zones to improve time in transit
  • Learn about pros and cons of partnering with a 3PL v. adding DCs for distribution
  • Utilize 3rd party shipping software for carrier and service selection
  • Common operational challenges and solutions to overcome them
Ron DiFabio
Thomas Andersen