304 – Out-of-the-Box Delivery Options Make Quick Transit Possible 

September 19, 2017 12:00 pm - 12:50 pm

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The need for speed has become a competitive differentiator and threat for retailers. Understanding the entire supply chain network is imperative to making an informed decision and maintaining a competitive edge which differs per each unique business model. Embracing faster service levels (same-day, next-day, or 2-day delivery) may be accomplished in a variety of methods. Many retailers are pursuing omni-channel fulfillment strategies while others evaluate distribution networks. Alternative delivery locations and modes of delivery are gaining popularity as well as promoting customer convenience. Will customers accept alternative delivery locations and modes of delivery? Will “outside of the box” options garner the desired results and at what cost? This session walks through the decision-making inputs for quickening the speed of delivery while reducing costs; helping to put retailers and etailers on the path to success.


  • Understand how partnering with carriers enhances retailers’ competitive edge also known as their supply chain
  • Learn how effective data utilization improves the speed of the delivery
  • Review tips and tools to assist in minimizing costs while decreasing time-in-transit
John Haber
Brian Broadhurst