307 – Free Shipping & Damaged Packages: Your Decisions Can Get & Keep a Customer

September 20, 2017 12:40 pm - 1:30 pm

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Customer Experience

It’s not just the price of a product today that matters to online shoppers; it’s shipping costs and delivery times. Once you gained that shopper, delivering a package undamaged can help keep them as a customer. PACKAGING: As dimensional weight billing factors change, packaging becomes more challenging. As a result, retailers are looking to take cost out of their packaging which often increases damage rates. Damaged shipments are expensive! Duplicate processing, freight and labor add up. But the costliest impact is the loss of customer lifetime value. A recent study discovered that 73% of consumers are unlikely to buy from a retailer again if they received a damaged shipment. Learn packaging strategies that reduce or eliminate damage, create a positive customer experience and protect a retailer’s reputation. FREE SHIPPING: Thanks to Amazon and other large eCommerce sites, consumers now expect free shipping as an option for all their purchases. And, to be sure, offering free shipping can help increase conversion rates—statistics show that over 55% of shoppers abandon carts because of shipping costs—but offering free shipping can also eat deeply into profits as businesses continue to absorb the ever-increasing costs of shipping. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to offering free shipping; in this session, we will share insights and strategies on how eCommerce businesses can offer free shipping and in some cases, even turn it into a profitable venture.


  • 6-step process to quantify the cost of damages
  • Understand how damages impact future orders
  • Strategies to reduce damages
  • Evaluating when free shipping is a viable option
  • Establishing a baseline and creating thresholds that keep free shipping from “breaking the bank”
  • How to use your shipping mix to manage shipping costs
Ryan Germann
Steve Rifai