402 – What It Takes to Have a Successful Fulfillment Operation

September 19, 2017 10:00 am - 10:50 am

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Fulfillment Strategies

There is little that is new about fulfillment—it was widely practiced by Sears and its competitors early in the last century. Input and output changed, but the steps in between have remained strikingly similar. We will explore the significant differences between fulfillment and other kinds of warehousing. Then we will identify the skill sets and technology that are the hallmarks of a successful fulfillment operation. For those who fear the elephant in the room, we will identify the reasons why agility is far more essential than size.


  • Fundamentals for the newcomer or as a refresher
  • Differences in “fulfillment” and other kinds of “warehousing”
  • Necessary skill sets and technology
  • Why agility is the principal factor
Ken Ackerman