404 – Redefining Fulfillment in the Age of the New Consumer

September 19, 2017 12:00 pm - 12:50 pm

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Fulfillment Strategies

Changing consumer demands have forced online retailers to operate with the mentality to sell anything, anytime and ship anywhere same or next day. As a result, SKU bases have been expanded and the traditional set of distribution order characteristics has been redefined. With an increase of both incompatible and small freight, stress has been placed on both ends of the supply chain. More and more parcel and fulfillment operations are looking for unique ways to handle smalls and incompatibles. This session will include a deep dive exploring these trends, as well as an inside look at a real-life example.


  • The impact of changing consumer demands on fulfillment operations, including incompatible and small freight
  • Understand alternative methods to handle smalls and incompatibles
  • Evaluation and application of a real-life scenario
Chad Thibodeaux
Terry Brown