406 – A Scientific Approach to Packaging Optimization

September 20, 2017 9:00 am - 9:50 am

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Packaging Techniques

Parcel carriers have recently ramped up pricing pressure on shippers which have inefficient packaging. But the same pricing punishment for inefficient shippers is now the standard in less-than-truckload… especially for small- and medium-sized enterprises which lack negotiating volume. There is similar cost reduction opportunity for all companies in self-manufactured or purchased packaging. The top companies have successfully tackled packaging optimization across the enterprise in self-manufactured products, inbound purchased products and outbound customer shipments. We will “step inside” several companies through case studies to demonstrate the value of tackling packaging optimization on an enterprise basis.


  • Comprehending the internal cost reduction and sustainability benefits that are possible through packaging optimization
  • Understanding how packaging optimization drives supply chain efficiency through any company’s external supply chain
  • Recognizing that packaging optimization is more than box selection
    How identifying and using the right technology always delivers better operational results than manual efforts
Jack Ampuja