407 – Cartonization: Key to Reducing Unexpected DIM Costs 

September 20, 2017 12:40 pm - 1:30 pm

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Packaging Techniques

Over the last five years, UPS and FedEx have significantly reduced their dimensional rate factors, exposing more shippers to significantly higher costs. This at a time when shippers are trying to manage the cost of free shipping. Without technology to determine the best way to pack items in cartons, shippers are left to guess what shipping charges will be during order entry and may incur avoidable DIM charges during the shipping process. Cartonization algorithms can instantly determine the best way to pack cartons based on SKU sizes, available carton sizes and carrier DIM rate factors. Learn how you can avoid three common mistakes that can result in 50% higher shipping costs.


  • Impact of recent carrier DIM rate factor changes
  • How cartonization can be used to rate shop for best DIM carrier pricing
  • How cartonization improves shipping cost estimates in shopping carts and order entry
  • How cartonization reduces cost and waste in fulfillment
Bob Malley