505 – PEER-TO-PEER How Drugstore.com Solved Complex Pricing in a B2C Environment

September 20, 2017 8:00 am - 8:50 am

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Advanced Pricing

Every year, eCommerce eats away at brick-and-mortar retail as a share of total consumer spend. This trend has led to radical transformations with the way products are shipped. Rather than freight orders going to commercial locations, we are seeing fragmented parcel shipments going to fragmented addresses. What sensitivities do carriers have regarding B2C shipments? How do carriers approach B2C shippers? What are the carriers’ goals? What is the perfect B2C shipment? How do carriers manage yield with B2C shippers? What is the evolution of network optimization for a B2C shipper as they grow? What is the end game for the B2C shipper? How does DC location affect carrier cost drivers and service? These are questions every shipper must answer. Find out how Walgreens’ DrugStore.com successfully tackled these issues.


  • Practical insight into carrier sensitivities in B2C environments
  • Insider’s view of how carriers position themselves and the best collaborative approach B2C shippers should take
  • #What2Watch4 regarding a rapidly growing eCommerce company and how to optimize network design
  • What it means to articulate a “compelling business case” to your carrier reps
Cory Tower
Glenn Gooding