506 – PEER-TO-PEER How Essendant Solved Complex Pricing in a B2B Environment

September 20, 2017 9:00 am - 9:50 am

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Advanced Pricing

Current parcel trends place growing priority on B2C growth. This dynamic has made B2B shippers more attractive to carriers. To put it simply, carriers view B2B and B2C shippers differently. B2B shippers must understand the advantages and efficiencies they have compared to B2C shippers. Learn how Essendant leveraged a B2B supply chain to its benefit by taking into account: how carriers approach the B2B shipper across different industry verticals; cost drivers in B2B (freight + parcel) such as shipping characteristics, leveraging freight and use of LTL; network optimization including how their network aligned with the carrier and packaging considerations.


  • Practical insight into carrier efficiencies in B2B environments as well as understanding desirable shipping characteristics
  • Insider’s view of how carriers position themselves and the best collaborative approach B2B shippers should take
  • How to articulate a “compelling business case” to your carrier reps
  • Understand how your B2B shipping profile might align with different carriers
Dean Chapman
Carl Hutchinson