507 – PEER-TO-PEER Successful Transportation Procurement: A Comprehensive Walk-Through

September 20, 2017 12:40 pm - 1:30 pm

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Advanced Pricing

Academia only takes a shipper so far. While the previous sessions in this Learning Pod focused on practical insights and specific examples, this session is where the rubber meets the road. You will receive a comprehensive outline and the presenters will walk you through the steps for successful transportation procurement. An online portal will be provided that will allow you to follow the walk-through and fill in the blanks on points that are relevant to your company. You will have the option to “Save” and email your responses to yourselves for use in your procurement practices. We will cover: Business Strategy—establishing the parameters, objectives and stated goals of the project; Data Analysis; Negotiation Strategy; Carrier Pricing Strategy; and Trade Strategy.


  • Application of carrier cost model methodology
  • Planning roadmap for transportation procurement
  • Significance, the nuance and complexity of a successful go-to-market strategy
  • A personal, specific plan-of-action
Dean Chapman
Cory Tower
Carl Hutchinson
Glenn Gooding