706 – A Peek Inside the DC Fishbowl & How It Affects You

September 20, 2017 9:00 am - 9:50 am

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Capitol Hill

Even with all the media attention on the White House and Capitol Hill, it is difficult to assess what impact the new administration will have on our industry. Come to this session and get an insider’s perspective into the key issues of the day, with a focus on politics, elections and what’s happening in Washington. Dan Moll, a 20-year veteran as a senior Congressional staffer, provides a deep understanding of the intersection of policy, politics, the legislative process and parliamentary procedure. He will share his insight into the issues impacting the parcel industry and examine the policies and the players. Moll will take you beneath the surface of headline events using his skills as a long-time senior Congressional staffer and lobbyist to map the political landscape and chart a course for the future. Moll knows how things actually work—the reality versus the myth. This entertaining and informative presentation breaks down pressing political issues and pulls back the curtain on Washington.


  • Actions that may impact the parcel industry
  • Postal Reform legislation, prospects for reform and their overall impact on the parcel industry
  • On-going activities at the Postal Regulatory Commission
  • Trump Administration approval/disapproval and the impact at mid-term elections
  • Must-pass legislation and current mood on Capitol Hill
Dan Moll